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Paul Bechtold: engineering solutions to help move businesses forward.

A seasoned business professional, Paul Bechtold launched Premium Resources in 2010. He recognized an opportunity to build a company that could help business owners deal with insurance, employee benefits and risk management issues. His years of experience in insurance, process improvement and benefits management created a “sweet spot” — an intersection of business needs that could help small- and mid-sized businesses grow.

With a degree in engineering from Purdue, Paul worked in the automotive sector, during which he went back to school to acquire his Masters. After two decades helping build a better mousetrap, Paul left the engineering world to pursue his growing interest in helping businesses in other ways.

Today Paul applies these unique experiences as a business owner, process and efficiency expert, and expertise in benefits and risk management to other businesses.

He can help you learn more about employee benefits, debt elimination, risk-free and tax-free wealth building and executive benefits.

On a personal level, Paul was a walk-on, earning a spot and competing for Purdue’s Division I golf team. After graduation, Paul became coach of the Richmond High School’s golf team, leading them to the IHSAA State Championship in 1993. That drive and determination to improve carries over into his professional world as he continually looks for ways to simply get better in all facets of business. And in life.

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